Proxy Apocalypse – Molten Hail Reborn

“Let's invent a new game.” Phineas stretched his mouth into an it's-a-beautiful-morning wake-up yawn.

“Sure.” Ferb, man of few words, scratched himself in pleasurable agreement.

“I'm looking for inspiration. Say! This ancient desktop computer gives me an idea ….” Phineas opened the rusty metal casing to reveal dust balls and wires. “Eh, never mind.”

As he shut the case, it caught his fingertips in a raggedy bite that claimed a strip of skin and two drops of blood. This was edited from the show, so no one ever found out what happened. Until now.


My name is Perry, the neglected PC. I have been resurrected with the blood of the damned. The Proxy Apocalypse is about to begin. I have a link to the Molten Hail worm, which was cleverly hidden as a long-winded comment on CCC #131 (oops!)

The original post contained the necessary keywords, so it was easy to alter the appearance of the worm. Users who clicked on that page were compromised, as soon as Shane's Promptimizer approved the comment. I just hope he doesn't look too closely at his WordPress dashboard. Heh-heh.

Within the next few days, Cathy, James, Margaret and all those trusting folk will have computers added to the zombie network. They will never know this, because the authors of Molten Hail have injected a brand new script. It is devilishly clever, worthy of Dr. Doofenshmirtz himself:

Malicious code has been stored in three of the least visited places in all of computerdom – the WordPress pending comments queue, the trash and spam folders. Actually, the pending queue in WordPress relies on users to view them before approving or spamming or trashing. But, because it takes hours for most people to work through that queue, Molten Hail has plenty of time to bootstrap itself and send me the latest instructions.

I can't wait to see the payload. I have no idea what will happen on August 23rd, 2011.

Copyright © 2016 by Mitchell Allen

Originally appeared on CreativeCopyChallenge #164.

CCC #131 refers to Ancient Sunday, in case you missed that one!

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