Anubis and Artemis

Apocalypse Artemis

Methane seeped through the tunnels of abandoned mines. That there were no humans to detect it was testimony to the vicious war between the Angels of Hell and the Spartan dog God, Anubis IV. Mankind was caught in the crossfire, unprepared for fire, brimstone, natron and bitumen. The incendiary apocalypse destroyed every homo sapiens on ... Read more

The Last Supper


If it hadn't been for the extended quarantine, I'd have never finally found Charlie in the freezer. Six years ago, my youngest thought it would be a blast to hide an Easter egg behind the bags of peas and corn. It was his turn to be the Egg Master, as we called the person who ... Read more

Pandora's Pillbox

Pandoras Pillbox500x627

Gerrie Shamba, Keeper of The Pandora Pillbox, shimmered into Siberia on June 29th, 1908. She removed the time-traveling hat from her head, reached into it and withdrew a handful of infected ticks. She sprinkled them onto the ground before returning the hat to her head. In twelve hours, an asteroid would explode over the region ... Read more

Bandicoot Terror

Ccc 106 Bandicoot

Spoiled by the erstwhile sublime environment of the New Guinean rain forest from whence they were "harvested", the half-dozen bandicoots huddled miserably in a filthy cage. Their captor, himself a ratty-looking specimen of a human, arranged for the illicit transport of the marsupials to the Mercer Laboratory in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. His part in this ... Read more

Proxy Apocalypse - Molten Hail Reborn


"Let's invent a new game." Phineas stretched his mouth into an it's-a-beautiful-morning wake-up yawn. "Sure." Ferb, man of few words, scratched himself in pleasurable agreement. "I'm looking for inspiration. Say! This ancient desktop computer gives me an idea …." Phineas opened the rusty metal casing to reveal dust balls and wires. "Eh, never mind." As ... Read more

Ancient Sunday


The exploit was crude, but effective. Molten Hail—aptly named—melted through firewalls before freezing servers. The only survivors were hardened servers specifically designed to test every byte passing through their ports. It was one of these computers that Jeremy was analyzing when Bertha walked into the lab. "Hi, Jer. What do we have?" "Hell if I ... Read more