About Mitchell Allen

Showing off the sweatshirt I won from EntrepreneurDad.com*

I am , and I think up stuff.

I continually tap into the charged atomic cloud of Conscious Creation.

Whether for business or pleasure, I always look for what's not there - and attempt to create it.

This is actually an obsession fueled by memories of my childhood.

While my father instilled in me a love for word play, deep thinking and mental puzzles, my Mother taught me to appreciate the pursuit of knowledge. Our house was filled with books, magazines and games.

I immersed myself into fictional worlds and fantastical futures. In so doing, my mental pathways became primed for (read "addicted to") ever newer realms to explore.

As traditional childhood indulgences, such as chemistry sets and hobbits, gave way to time-shared computers and Dungeons and Dragons, so too did my mind gravitate toward more sophisticated stimulations.

I began to write.

I learned to program in BASIC.

Chess, Pinochle and Bridge joined Scrabble as part of my gaming staples.

This constant search for stimulation has lead to what seems a logical conclusion: I now must create the worlds that I wish to explore.

Whether I am building software, writing whimsy, sharing puzzles or teaching some small lesson, I simply follow my ABC's: Always Be Creating!


*During a forum posting contest on (the now defunct) Entrepreneurdad.com, I got the idea to write a riveting, eight-part mini-biography. Justin Powell, the site's owner, enjoyed the series and kindly linked to it from his home page. Now, for the first time on the web, I present the complete series in one place.

Enjoy Empire of the Niche

Want to get inside of my head?

For a brief moment, I wrote a newsletter that chronicled the meandering path from mental spark to written word. I called it

Conscious Creation:The Messy Bits

While the newsletter has been discontinued, you can get a really good glimpse of my creative process by reading through the archive.

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