The Art of Decomposing

Rashad Wimbrush decided to reverse-engineer a bit of Mozart. This decision, the product of serendipity and ridiculous, proved fatal for poor Wimbrush. Despite that lone sour note, the endeavor gifted the world with the first rendition of quantum computer-generated art. Wimbrush's blank canvas was a 55-inch curved video monitor, to which he connected a high-fidelity ... Read more

Monopoly: House Rules

Usrylmian Forest

Newsflash: green living is the only way to exist on Usrylm (officially known to humans as TRAPPIST-1 d.) The inhabitants manage their global commerce through a vast network of forests. Not only do the trees contain databases and financial records, they also serve as transportation hubs for the flying creatures that ship products all over ... Read more

Shot on iPhone

Clock Face

Newsflash: Privacy Laws on Kalatharir (officially known to humans as Au Microscopii b) are so strict that infants must wear blinders while strolling in a park. This, of course, leads to life-time tunnel-vision. Fortunately, the life-span on this harsh world equates to 15 human years. More than half of that time is spent looking for a ... Read more

The Cryptarchy

Vegan Dome Builders

Newsflash: blockchain was invented by slugs on Vega Prime (officially known to humans as Tau Ceti h.) These creatures adapted to the arid planet by building massive mucus domes. Instinctively or, perhaps in Darwinian fashion, they realized that a government based on mistrust was the only way to ensure that no slug was left behind. The ... Read more

Welcome to Universe #42

Infinite Boundary

Welcome to Universe #42. Had you arrived a millisecond earlier, you'd have missed me and probably would be on Universe #36,021, hiding from Vactors (or their minions.) Anyway, I'm glad you're here. It has been very lonely out here, so many light-years from Earth. The computer has rusted away to dust. In fact, everything has ... Read more

Anubis and Artemis

Apocalypse Artemis

Methane seeped through the tunnels of abandoned mines. That there were no humans to detect it was testimony to the vicious war between the Angels of Hell and the Spartan dog God, Anubis IV. Mankind was caught in the crossfire, unprepared for fire, brimstone, natron and bitumen. The incendiary apocalypse destroyed every homo sapiens on ... Read more

The Reading

Tarot Cards

I shuffled the deck. Ambient light enveloped the foggy mist obscuring the landing. Misfortune floated up the steps, sword in hand. In the distance, I could hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth. I peeked at the next two cards. The Devil and The Tower. What to do? I shuffled the deck. The fog returned, ... Read more



Incessant knocking brought a disheveled Gunther limping to the front door. He flicked the porch light on, startling the white-clad messenger standing next door. "Theodore's dead. Go away." "But I have to deliver this liver!" "Theodore won't be needing that now, will he?" Gunther was irked by the young man's foolish reply. "Just stop banging ... Read more

Hell's Kitchen

Burning Dollar

The warden’s stooges frog-marched the former prisoner to an uncertain freedom. Johnny Hotpocket stood outside of Massive State Penitentiary, blinking in the early morning sunlight. His manila folder contained only his watch, a gaudy orange flyer and a bus ticket in lieu of the state’s usual cab fare. Johnny couldn’t believe his luck. He grinned ... Read more