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Conscious Creations: Refined Bits


A few years ago, I had a regular blog. I published a lot of articles on many different, disparate topics. As time passed, I found my content was leaning heavily towards Games, Programs and Stories.

I decided to follow my personal GPS, first by publishing a tinyletter-style email newsletter titled Conscious Creation: The Messy Bits*. Later, I simply changed the blog to a read-only site, where I could post these missives. That’s what you see here; the tip of a very weird iceberg.

My friend, Holly Jahangiri, admonished me to review my site’s user experience. In an effort to make life easier for her and you, dear reader, I have set up a way for you to be notified when I publish something. Please see my RSS Feeds page and be sure to subscribe to the channels that interest you.

* The newsletter has been discontinued, but you can read all of the articles in the archives of Conscious Creation: The Messy Bits.

Random Selection of Stories

Each time you visit this page, you’ll see eight tantalizing opening paragraphs. I hope you enjoy whichever ones you click!

Toiling in Obscurity

The beauty of being invisible is that nobody sees your metamorphosis. A certain amount of freedom accompanies anonymity—dancing like nobody’s watching kind of thing.

This blog / web presence called Morpho Designs goes through changes in layout, content and purpose. It evolves with my focus. To some of you, this will be jarring. To which I say, “Thanks for being a long-time reader!”

For most others, however, there is no context for the changes except, perhaps, for the detritus left-over from the most recent change. (Shame on you, Visual Composer!)

At any rate, welcome to the most recent incarnation. I have only the most rudimentary vision of the final layout, content and purpose. Since I’m invisible, I won’t sweat it.

But, if you can see me, I hope you enjoy the view.