Yabba Dabba Do!

This was the initial post for the old Digital Diet blog on Anklebuster.com, written on Thursday, January 21, 2021. I was using Standard Notes' Listed.to blog platform.

Yabba: Yet another blog begins anew

Dabba: Dumb acronyms, back-formations banal associations

Do! : Daily obligation!

This is the "Hello, world!" post. While the title admits to some amount of exhilaration, it hints also to a suspicion of indulgence. Ironically, the theme of this blog is Digital Diet: Every Byte Counts.

I'm struggling with information overload, mentally drowning in an ever-present sea of manifested electrons. From Netflix to RSS; from email to browser bookmarks; from Kindle e-books to Slack notifications; from Standard Notes to Extended, I can barely keep my head above water.

I haven't even mentioned my mp3 collection, backups from at least two previous computers, downloads, uploads, blogs, social media, client files and web apps. There is just too much going on.

I do have one place where electrons are minimally invasive: my smart phone! Sure, I take pictures, send texts and play a couple of games. What I don't do is obsess over syncing. Y'all can have that. Facebook ruined that for me, years ago.

Since I'm hearing-impaired, I've never bonded with my phone like some humans seem to have. I can go hours without touching that thing. But, when I do, it's actually a break from all the noise. Slack can't reach me. Gmail is subdued (I wish I knew how to subdue Wal-mart! Like I'm going to load up on clearance items at every chance.)

After recovering from daily drowning, I creep back toward the water's edge. I need to see what's below the surface almost as much as I need to tame the tide. Young people refer to FOMO. I just like to stay informed, be organized and manage my electrons.

Is that too much to ask?

Setting up a new blog is a bit like diving into a pool. If you jump into the shallow end, you risk cracking your head open. If you opt for the deep end, well, you had better know how to swim!

Despite Listed.to's claim that this is simple, I think that it's quite involved, if you want to customize things a bit. With WordPress, you can see what things will look like before you go live. With Medium, you don't have any options. LOL

This Standard Notes / Listed.to symbiosis is nifty, and weird. There are steps to the process that remind me of old-school set-ups (image urls, link to website, setting an A record with my DNS provider, etc.) But, the actual outcome is, as I write this, unknowable. I guess I should have looked at more author pages. I got a little bored with the sea of brown pages...

Well, like everything else I do, let's go crack my skull in this pool.

Oh, yeah, my theme was not inspired by 7-Day Digital Diet. I found them when I was thinking about a domain name for this blog. Serendipity doo-dah.