Xenia Gets Got

Tonight, Xenia intended to enchant her ugly-ass boyfriend, Harold. She only put up with his broomstick-thin, Jack-o-lantern gapped-tooth goofiness because his bank account balance had an alarming number of zeroes on it. Plus, in five weeks, they would be husband and wife, at which point, she would finally move into his spooky old mansion and start plotting his demise. Maybe then, she would have enough to pay back Antonio.

"He can't handle all this!"

She removed her ratty, terrycloth robe, dabbed on some cheap perfume--Ungaro Apparition--then threw on a bloodcurdling green dress that made her look like one of the Joker's hookers dressing up for trick-or-treat. She giggled at the thought, for she was sure Harold would be dazzled by her decorations and start moaning about wanting to eat her. The creep!

The doorbell rang. Startled, Xenia, nearly tripped over the bed as she ran, bare-foot and with open dress flapping about her arms, downstairs to the foyer. The frosted glass concealed the caller.

"Who is it?"

"Honey, it's me."

An eerie chill pimpled Xenia's arms and snatched her breath away. How the hell did Harold find out where she lived? Oh God! This was going to be a disaster! She opened the door slowly.

A giant gun smacked her in the face. Xenia fell backwards onto the floor. Harold grinned at her with his snaggled teeth as he pulled the trigger. "Antonio says, 'Hi'."

"Heh-heh! Handle that!"


Copyright © 2017 by Mitchell Allen

Originally appeared on CreativeCopyChallenge #505.