Welcome to Universe #42

Welcome to Universe #42. Had you arrived a millisecond earlier, you'd have missed me and probably would be on Universe #36,021, hiding from Vactors (or their minions.)

Anyway, I'm glad you're here. It has been very lonely out here, so many light-years from Earth. The computer has rusted away to dust. In fact, everything has disintegrated. The only integrated things left are my brain...and yours.

Something cool in this universe permits us to observe, interact, feel and even exercise free will. For example, you could close this page and leave me forever.

Alternatively, you could come with me and discover the magic at the boundary of infinity. Our math teachers were wrong, by the way. I mean, you knew things didn't just go on forever, right?

Take a look over yonder. That is the tail-end of pi. I can barely make out the digits but that sure looks like 760 something, something 7.

Don't look so sad! That string winds through 47% of the Universes, according to my calculations. Oh yeah, you have super-brain powers, too! Try it. See? I bet you just found a perfect cuboid. Ha-ha! Baby steps.

I'm going to stop babbling now. It's time for you to exercise your free will. I hope to see you shortly.

Oh, one more thing. Xenophon hangs out in Universe #10,000. Next time we swing by there, he'll tell you why.