Anubis and Artemis

Apocalypse Artemis

Methane seeped through the tunnels of abandoned mines. That there were no humans to detect it was testimony to the vicious war between the Angels of Hell and the Spartan dog God, Anubis IV. Mankind was caught in the crossfire, unprepared for fire, brimstone, natron and bitumen. The incendiary apocalypse destroyed every homo sapiens on ... Read more

Dry Spell

Lady Of The Lake

Merlin wanted no part of Vivienne's artifice. Alas, in this domain of predestination, he was powerless to do anything other than to expose his innermost secrets to the one woman who could turn his magic mirror against him, using it like the shield of Perseus. Fortunately, predestiny also showed him the path toward mutually assured ... Read more

The World-wide Eruv


By the year 2345 A.D., the global infrastructure formerly known as the Internet has shed its status as an ethereal being. Its only connection to its past lies in the definition of the word formed by its acronym, S.C.R.E.A.K., a noun describing a noise like a banshee. In prehistoric times, the "Internet" was summoned by ... Read more


Blue Monkey Profile

The gods were angry. They had been told that they were as no more than a grain of sand in their sad little realm. This blasphemous eructation, spewed from the mouth of a leprous monkey, was overheard by Iris, the rainbow messenger handmaiden of Hera. It was she who used the power of gossip to ... Read more