The Art of Decomposing

Rashad Wimbrush decided to reverse-engineer a bit of Mozart. This decision, the product of serendipity and ridiculous, proved fatal for poor Wimbrush. Despite that lone sour note, the endeavor gifted the world with the first rendition of quantum computer-generated art. Wimbrush's blank canvas was a 55-inch curved video monitor, to which he connected a high-fidelity ... Read more

Extra-Savory Perceptions

Ancient humans, the ones that literally swam from the primordial ooze, had a myriad of senses. Frances Van Atheris, a renown genomic biologist, set out to catalogue all 10,000 of them. She based her work on the Human Genome Project, taking her data from the so-called junk DNA that was isolated from stable gene deserts. ... Read more

In the Immortal Words of Muriel Humphrey


Ancestral burial rites foreshadowed the vanguard of human recycling. From the elaborate funerary practices of ancient Egyptians, to the Terracotta Army of the first Emperor of China, humans have decreed that destinies were not subject to disposability. Immortality appealed to humble and snobbish, alike. Fortunately, by 2217 A.D., transmigration had been elevated to the ranks ... Read more

Bandicoot Terror

Ccc 106 Bandicoot

Spoiled by the erstwhile sublime environment of the New Guinean rain forest from whence they were "harvested", the half-dozen bandicoots huddled miserably in a filthy cage. Their captor, himself a ratty-looking specimen of a human, arranged for the illicit transport of the marsupials to the Mercer Laboratory in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. His part in this ... Read more

Social Touchstone

Strumming Souls

Petri was giving a lecture at a university somewhere in the future: “Good morning, class. Today, I am going to teach you about the interconnectedness of all things. In the space of thirty seconds, one person can reach into the Resplendent Receptacle of the Universe, touch 100,000 other people, and leave an unremarkable stamp on ... Read more

Trick or Treat

Silhouette Of Children Playing On Halloween Night

Bob held the tablet upside down. No other error in history matched his mistake for its effect on the human race. When Bob told Irma that the required proton concentration was 108, the universe shivered. Irma, whose back was to Bob, accepted the value and fed it into the Electronic Ectoplasmic Removal & Irradiation Engine. ... Read more

Bee Cause Célèbre

Placeholder: Mad Scientist Dna

“Catastrophic Colony Collapse Threatens America’s Economy” was the screaming headline that greeted the early morning readers taking tea and scones at Boulangerie on the Boulevard. Ignored by the bourgeoisie and misunderstood by the proletariat, the Wall Street Journal’s front page story nevertheless signaled a shrugging of Atlas unlike anything foreseen by Ayn Rand and her ... Read more