Anubis and Artemis

Apocalypse Artemis

Methane seeped through the tunnels of abandoned mines. That there were no humans to detect it was testimony to the vicious war between the Angels of Hell and the Spartan dog God, Anubis IV. Mankind was caught in the crossfire, unprepared for fire, brimstone, natron and bitumen. The incendiary apocalypse destroyed every homo sapiens on ... Read more

The Reading

Tarot Cards

I shuffled the deck. Ambient light enveloped the foggy mist obscuring the landing. Misfortune floated up the steps, sword in hand. In the distance, I could hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth. I peeked at the next two cards. The Devil and The Tower. What to do? I shuffled the deck. The fog returned, ... Read more



Incessant knocking brought a disheveled Gunther limping to the front door. He flicked the porch light on, startling the white-clad messenger standing next door. "Theodore's dead. Go away." "But I have to deliver this liver!" "Theodore won't be needing that now, will he?" Gunther was irked by the young man's foolish reply. "Just stop banging ... Read more

Hell's Kitchen

Burning Dollar

The warden’s stooges frog-marched the former prisoner to an uncertain freedom. Johnny Hotpocket stood outside of Massive State Penitentiary, blinking in the early morning sunlight. His manila folder contained only his watch, a gaudy orange flyer and a bus ticket in lieu of the state’s usual cab fare. Johnny couldn’t believe his luck. He grinned ... Read more

Brain Man


"I'm sorry, Ms. Cochrane. The brain damage is irreversible. Your son has suffered permanent memory loss." The surgeon didn't bother to comfort the distraught mother. Instead, he spun sharply about and briskly left the family waiting room. "That's one cold fish, ma'am, but he's the best they got here at Mercy General. So, if he ... Read more

Trick or Treat

Silhouette Of Children Playing On Halloween Night

Bob held the tablet upside down. No other error in history matched his mistake for its effect on the human race. When Bob told Irma that the required proton concentration was 108, the universe shivered. Irma, whose back was to Bob, accepted the value and fed it into the Electronic Ectoplasmic Removal & Irradiation Engine. ... Read more