Super Shortcuts Using Everything and Quick Cliq

Since I have been using Everything.exe as a portal into my daily files, I was slow to realize that I was missing an opportunity. Quick Cliq saves a few steps over continually hunting for a document. I don't always think of using shortcuts to launch documents, even though that is a fundamental aspect of Graphical User Interfaces!

Another fundamental feature is the use of keyboard shortcuts. By combining these two obvious productivity enhancers with Quick Cliq, I now have handy super shortcuts for my active documents.

This is not ground-breaking at all. In fact, it is the first shortcut type defined in the Quick Cliq Help File! Nevertheless, if some variation of the following has not occurred to you, you can set it up in about five minutes. (Click the image for the full size.)

Super Shortcut
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The important thing to remember is that you don't have to use Everything.exe. Anytime you can right-click a document and get the Quick Cliq context menu, you can add that document to your super shortcut menu. However, if you have been relying on Everything.exe to find daily files, this should get you thinking about ways to save time and repetition.