Here's something neat: Marian Allen tagged me as one of seven writers to participate in the 77-7 meme. Since my latest work only has 38 pages, I'm allowed to use page 7. The instructions are to go to the page, count down 7 lines, then post the next seven lines. So, here they are…


The grey creature skidded to a halt next to the tree and turned to peer up at Alicia. “My, you are a curious creature.”

Alicia, taken aback, stopped abruptly and retorted contentiously, “I could say the same thing about you!”

The grey creature, unperturbed, responded, “Me, curious? I've only asked nine questions of you, including that one. You've uttered a baker's dozen, three in rapid succession! That's curious, don't you think?”

“Certainly not, as I have no idea who you are, where I am or what I'm supposed to be rescuing.” To punctuate her points, Alicia stamped her foot. With each stomp, the poor grey creature bounced into the air.

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