Rusty Badge

Entitlement has been a formidable participant in the vicissitudes of The American Dream. A facilitator to some, entitlement, nevertheless, created a restive atmosphere for all Americans. From the creeping anomie encroaching like a somnambulist on bucolic hamlets, to the crashing authoritarianism engulfing big cities, the imprint of entitlement has spun the wheel of misfortune on beneficiary and beleaguered alike.

The insidiousness of entitlement lies in inequity. The downtrodden imprecate it, while demanding fair play. The privileged carry it as a badge, while unable to see the resultant turmoil its possession causes. The one group is powerless to claim it; the other sees no reason to relinquish it. In the end, like a virus, entitlement will indiscriminately destroy all that it touches.

Copyright © 2019 by Mitchell Allen

Originally appeared on CreativeCopyChallenge #597.