Retrievem Dashboard

Retrievem is a user-friendly text extraction program. Instantly grab email addresses buried in hundreds of files. Need a list of web addresses? Extract them from web pages, book-mark files, spreadsheets and more!

Save time with Retrievem! Finding, copying and pasting data one by one takes too long! Let Retrievem do that for you, automatically!

Retrievem Dashboard
Retrievem Dashboard


Retrievem takes one or more files as inputs, searches for data that you need and generates one or more output files based on the data. You work with Retrievem by telling it what files to use as input, what data to search for and where to write the results. In addition, you can tell Retrievem to remember your favorite settings.

Supported Files:

Retrievem is a text processor. It reads plain or formatted text and writes plain text files. A plain text file does not have special codes to control how it looks when viewing or printing. Formatted text requires software to translate special display codes.

Although a file created in an application like Microsoft Word looks like plain text when viewed on-screen, the file itself has all kinds of information about each character, paragraph and other page elements. This information only makes sense to the application. If you don’t have the required application installed, Retrievem won’t be able to read the file.

Currently, Retrievem can read any plain text file that you can read. Whether it is a simple list or a web page, if you understand it when you open it in Notepad, Retrievem can work with it. In addition, if you have the proper software, Retrievem can work with Word documents and Excel spreadsheets

Reading Data:

Retrievem can read one file or one hundred. It can look in one folder or as many as you need it to. You can even feed it dummy data, just to see how it would process your real data. Best of all, Retrievem will remember your settings so that you can get to work even more quickly the next time you run a task.


Retrievem is very cautious: it never overwrites your original data. Instead, it generates reports containing your extracted or modified data. This gives you the most flexibility in handling your files. Most of the time, you’ll want to use the output in another program. Retrievem’s compact report option minimizes the amount of extra information so that you can reuse the results more easily.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
  • Memory: 256MB RAM

But, What Does it Do?

Retrievem has become more task-oriented than script-driven. It powers specialized applications, such as Blogmogrifier. Customized versions can be built, as well. These pre-built solutions offer pain-free automation—no scripting required!

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