Punagrams – HINTS

Punagrams are listed in alphabetical order, using the anagram found on the right side of each image. If the hint doesn't help, just hover your cursor over the hint to reveal the answer. (Mobile users, tap the clue and the answer appears to the right. Swipe to reveal.)

BE ABOVE DAWN: B _ _ AND W _ _ _ _ Bob and weave

CHOOSE FRAUDS: Francis UnderwoodHouse of Cards

DART FROG DUEL: Dickens CharacterArtful Dodger

FLEE IF POI: Misspelled Movie TitleLife of pie

HUNGRY? ADD GOO: Punxsutawney PhilGroundhog Day

KNOBBIEST BONDAGE: It's a candy!Boston baked being

ONE LOADED KEY: A feather in one's capYankee Doodle

SEPIA ARTS: One word to describe bed bugsParasites

UM, OBLATION: Don't go too far!Out on a limb