The ParserMonster Project

I have installed the ParserMonster Project wiki on this site to document the features of the new ParserMonster Framework. There is not much on it, at the moment, so you should bookmark it or subscribe to the blog feed if you want to keep up with it as it grows.

Check out

I decided to use DocuWiki, mostly because it doesn't rely on a database, but also because it reminds me of TiddlyWiki, which I used to create the older version's documentation.


As with all of the projects you will find on Morpho Designs, I'll be sharing updates on how I actually use the DocuWiki software. I think that one of the main things I will be doing is figuring out how to automate the documentation process.

Software documentation needs to be consistent. While DocuWiki provides a consistent interface, I need to ensure that the content is presented in a uniform manner. That's why I will probably make a bunch of boilerplate snippets. Stay tuned!

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