The World-wide Eruv


By the year 2345 A.D., the global infrastructure formerly known as the Internet has shed its status as an ethereal being. Its only connection to its past lies in the definition of the word formed by its acronym, S.C.R.E.A.K., a noun describing a noise like a banshee. In prehistoric times, the "Internet" was summoned by ... Read more

Rusty Badge

Man With Pitchfork

Entitlement has been a formidable participant in the vicissitudes of The American Dream. A facilitator to some, entitlement, nevertheless, created a restive atmosphere for all Americans. From the creeping anomie encroaching like a somnambulist on bucolic hamlets, to the crashing authoritarianism engulfing big cities, the imprint of entitlement has spun the wheel of misfortune on ... Read more

The Ache

From the fender 'round my heart Leaks a fluid from a part That needs love to make it start.   Take my body to the shop Check the engine at the top Make that horrid pressure drop!   Finding nothing in my head Bad enough to cause me dread - They will fix my chest, ... Read more

The Oxymoronic Hydroponic Tubers

Copyright © by Mitchell Allen Angela was about to get her ashes hauled by Liam Moore. She didn't know this, because it hadn't happened yet. In fact, young Liam wasn't even born yet. None of this matters, because the fact is, if Angela hadn't met Foley in the mail room on that fateful day, she ... Read more

Extra-Savory Perceptions

Ancient humans, the ones that literally swam from the primordial ooze, had a myriad of senses. Frances Van Atheris, a renown genomic biologist, set out to catalogue all 10,000 of them. She based her work on the Human Genome Project, taking her data from the so-called junk DNA that was isolated from stable gene deserts. ... Read more

Giving Up the Ghost


Deranged, he came Ethereal in his luminescence Allegedly touched by Abaddon Deposed from his seat of power Staterooms were his back offices Paranoia tinged with obsession Influential pillars extorted Reluctance rewarded with bullets Ill-fated purge decimated the ruling class Throne now up for grabs. Copyright © 2019 by Mitchell Allen Originally appeared on CreativeCopyChallenge #589.

My Neighbor's Yard


To the casual observer, Jacob Jr. was just a kid galumphing through puddles in his galoshes. But, I knew better. I had seen Jacob Jr. and his "family" snacking on the toxic blooms that had overtaken their fenced-in yard. Also, once a month, the elder Jacob took a baseball bat to a hapless chick, after ... Read more

Pandora's Pillbox

Pandoras Pillbox500x627

Gerrie Shamba, Keeper of The Pandora Pillbox, shimmered into Siberia on June 29th, 1908. She removed the time-traveling hat from her head, reached into it and withdrew a handful of infected ticks. She sprinkled them onto the ground before returning the hat to her head. In twelve hours, an asteroid would explode over the region ... Read more

In the Immortal Words of Muriel Humphrey


Ancestral burial rites foreshadowed the vanguard of human recycling. From the elaborate funerary practices of ancient Egyptians, to the Terracotta Army of the first Emperor of China, humans have decreed that destinies were not subject to disposability. Immortality appealed to humble and snobbish, alike. Fortunately, by 2217 A.D., transmigration had been elevated to the ranks ... Read more