Game of Souls

Lurchin’ Louie lit the lamp
Pushing back the moldy damp.
Spandex cap upon his head
Swallowed up our growing dread.

Amblin’ Amber arc’d the axe
Swinging down upon our backs
Bungee cord around her waist
Yanked her up in timely haste.

Trapeze Tommy torched the tent
Roasting our old elephant.
Fire hose between his legs
Saved us from the powder kegs.

Twisted trio took their turn
Failed to score more than one burn.
Devil passed the Ouija board
Gave us time to cry, “Oh lord!”

Justice Jugglers jived and juked
Trying not to be rebuked.
Flying dagger missed its mark:
Lurchin’ Louie in the dark.

Totem Tower tossed a torch
Amblin’ Amber took a scorch.
Greasy smoke all in our eyes
Kept us from a sizzling prize.

Chainsaw Catchers clipped a claw
Spectacular, dizzy fall.
Trapeze Tommy lost that round
When his hand bounced off the ground.

Justice Jugglers jumped for joy
We took out their flying boy.
Devil snatched the Ouija Board
Passed it to his weakened horde.

Demon Duo doubled down
Broke my brother’s tender crown.
Amber roared with evil laughter –
Poor lad’s brains had tumbled after.

Lurchin’ Louie launched a lance
Missed me by the barest chance.
Elephant a bit too slow
Took slight damage to his toe.

Satan’s servants squared the score
Baby brother was no more.
Devil made us play again
One team simply had to win.

Jaded Jugglers jabbed a jaw
Tossing Tommy’s erstwhile claw.
Knuckle sandwich caught a tooth
Amber’s curses were uncouth.

Lurchin’ Louie last one left
Amblin’ Amber bled to death.
Devil squished her into goo
Passed the Board to Lurchin’ Lou.

Impish innovation ill
Lurchin’ Louie for the kill.
Reached into magician‘s hat
Sprinkled us with rabbit scat!

Oh! Originality!
Ten points for hilarity.
Elephant made as if to flee
Certain airborne allergy.

Dirty Devil deemed his due
Sure as hell was to accrue.
Slid the Board once more to me
Barely holding back his glee.

Justice Juggler jammed that jeer
Smartly wiping off that leer.
Spinning end to this ordeal:
Death by unicycle wheel!
Johnny Hotpocket

Trapeze Tommy image by Clarence Alford from Pixabay

Justice Juggler survivor image from