I Embraced My Inner Weirdo

Rasheed Hooda has a cool podcast where he interviews people that he finds interesting. Although I've seen his byline for years, I got to know him through a writers' group to which we both belong. He is rather interesting, himself! He walked across the country and wrote about his adventure as a series on Medium: ... Read more

Rusty Badge

Man With Pitchfork

Entitlement has been a formidable participant in the vicissitudes of The American Dream. A facilitator to some, entitlement, nevertheless, created a restive atmosphere for all Americans. From the creeping anomie encroaching like a somnambulist on bucolic hamlets, to the crashing authoritarianism engulfing big cities, the imprint of entitlement has spun the wheel of misfortune on ... Read more

Bye-bye PeoplePerHour.com

Pph Nail

Want to see what seller frustration looks like? Just check out the reaction to a recent change instituted by PeoplePerHour.com. When Sellers have received low ratings for their recently delivered work, they will be getting a warning email and if in the next reviews they fail to increase their average feedback rating over a minimum ... Read more