Bombs Away!

The drone ejects its deadly shell and now the bomb must drop. The watchman wildly tolls the bell to sound a warning peal. No magic wand or shield can stop what pain our town will feel. And yet, the pain the town might feel, transcends the mighty shell. Time itself is loathe to stop momentum ... Read more

The Ache

From the fender 'round my heart Leaks a fluid from a part That needs love to make it start.   Take my body to the shop Check the engine at the top Make that horrid pressure drop!   Finding nothing in my head Bad enough to cause me dread - They will fix my chest, ... Read more

Giving Up the Ghost


Deranged, he came Ethereal in his luminescence Allegedly touched by Abaddon Deposed from his seat of power Staterooms were his back offices Paranoia tinged with obsession Influential pillars extorted Reluctance rewarded with bullets Ill-fated purge decimated the ruling class Throne now up for grabs. Copyright © 2019 by Mitchell Allen Originally appeared on CreativeCopyChallenge #589.

Running Out of Sugar

Lemon Press With Lemons And Juice In Glass

Looms the midday, hot and bleak Infiltrating head and feet. Febrile notions, lying weak Evil potions, bittersweet - Sipping slowly, trusting fate.   Long the night wind, cold and dry. Eyeballs tearing, dull impact. Mouth erupting, silent cry. Oily essence, sharp extract. No more squeezing, empty zest - Slipping slowly, losing faith. Copyright © 2016 ... Read more

Bad Poetry

Placeholder: Classroom

“The assignment, class, is to deconstruct this computer-generated poem.” Moans greeted this announcement, of course, because Lytton 3000 was as horrible at sonnets as its namesake was at prose. Still, Professor Fenwick could find nothing better to challenge his genetically enhanced students. With all the theatrical flair of Quentin Tarrantino, the Professor lowered the lights ... Read more