Want to see what seller frustration looks like? Just check out the reaction to a recent change instituted by

When Sellers have received low ratings for their recently delivered work, they will be getting a warning email and if in the next reviews they fail to increase their average feedback rating over a minimum quality standard, then their selling privileges on PeoplePerHour will be suspended.

In the blog post announcing this change, the author claims that it will increase the quality of services provided by the sellers. Many sellers had something to say:

Sellers speak out against new policy

My personal view on the matter is that freelance websites should rely on the buyers' feedback to provide guidance to other buyers. Let the market decide which freelancers are worth hiring.

I decided to cut my losses on I had two positive experiences and one bad experience. I reinvested all of my earnings back into marketing my profile. I left on a positive note; one of my projects was the inspiration for a product that is now in development.