Energize Your End Game

When the board is tight, forget about that brilliant seven-letter word that is taunting you in the rack. Look between the gaps for generating shocking end-game plays. Brilliant! OIL and GAS are obvious energy plays; however, you can really power up your end game with all kinds of weird units of measure, including these energy-related ... Read more

Oh No! Ma, I'm Poetic

Onomatopoeia is the formation of words whose sound is imitative of the sound of the noise or action designated. BAM! Before we dive into this noisy ocean, let's be clear on one thing: onomatopoeia is the written equivalent of cupping a hand to your ear in Charades to signal, "Sounds like …." This is in ... Read more

Body Parts on the Rack

Are your tiles seemingly locked up with no chance for release? Don't despair! Look for common little words that can be "hooked"—that is, they take a letter on either end—or combined with another small word to make a new word. It is easier to shuffle three or four tiles around a main word than it ... Read more

Nth Degree

Today, we'll deal with all of those juicy consonants. Actually, they're not so juicy when there's hardly any place to play them! You really need to know a handful of vowel-starved words to minimize the penalty points at the end of the game. That 30-point lead you enjoy will be wiped out if you have ... Read more

Breaking Your Vowels

Aiieee! You just filled your rack with every vowel in the bag. Or so it seems. You are sick of playing two-letter words and you don't have the guts to play ILEA. Before you decide to trade in those tiles, read on!

Bye-bye PeoplePerHour.com

Pph Nail

Want to see what seller frustration looks like? Just check out the reaction to a recent change instituted by PeoplePerHour.com. When Sellers have received low ratings for their recently delivered work, they will be getting a warning email and if in the next reviews they fail to increase their average feedback rating over a minimum ... Read more