Anagram Fill-in Puzzle

You must find one or more anagrams for each word in the list. The number of anagrams is in parentheses.
To complete the puzzle, the listed words and all anagrams must be filled in the grid.

Word List
3-letter words: BAG (1)
4-letter words: BAKE (1) BALM (1) BLOT (1) BLOW (1) CALM (1)
5-letter words: AIDES (2) ALLOY (1) CAUSE (1) LIMES (3)
6-letter words: ARMPIT (1) BATTLE (1)
7-letter words: ARTICLE (1) MARITAL (1)
8-letter words: HUSTLING (1) MUTILATE (1)

Here's a quick video explaining the buttons and how to type across or down. (Tip: use space bar to erase!)

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