The Ache

From the fender 'round my heart

Leaks a fluid from a part

That needs love to make it start.


Take my body to the shop

Check the engine at the top

Make that horrid pressure drop!


Finding nothing in my head

Bad enough to cause me dread -

They will fix my chest, instead.


With a great big rubber hose

Shoved twelve inches down my nose

Try to suck out all my woes.


Now the cavity is drained

And the pressure is explained:

My emotions have been chained!


I surround myself with shrinks,

Who unlock those rusty links

And repair my mental kinks.


From the cockles of my heart

Moves a smoothly running part

Primed by sparks from Cupid's dart.

2008 Grand National Roadster Show ATOMIC Hot Links via Compfight

Copyright © 2011 by Mitchell Allen

Originally appeared on CreativeCopyChallenge #190.