5 Reasons to Do Whatever You Want With Your Blog

Five simple truths may help you avoid analysis paralysis when it comes to radical changes on your blog:
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1. Be Yourself–Nobody Does it Better

You can't please everybody. Generally, you can please yourself. If you take a stand, adopt a stance or draw a line, some people will stand with you, while others will try to knock you down. It's your sandbox – don't let anyone kick sand in your face.

2. Life is Short–Attention is Shorter

Your readers do not spend all day thinking about you. So, why do you care, really, what they think? It's okay to ask for feedback, but you have to wear the outfit. The flip side is that you don't have to ask for permission to let it all hang out.

3. Render Unto Google …

If you write for your readers, Google will get the message. SEO is important, but don't let it dictate to your creativity.

4. You're Not Making an Omelette, After All

If you have some rotten eggs on your blog, what else can you do but throw them away? If you have some Grade A content, you don't want to break it. Either way, you shouldn't be walking on eggshells.

5. Even a Wooden Nickel Has Two Sides

Just as you can't please everybody, everybody can't please you. So, make a decision, already!

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