Use Your Voice

As I continue to work on Retrievem, I keep wondering how far I would have progressed had I not turned off comments here. As much as I miss the conversations, they were tangential to my work: stories, Scrabble, spam rants (ironic, huh?) and other posts of a more personal nature. I truly believe I made the right decision. The hour or so saved each day from not having to deal with spammers may not sound like much. I’ll tell you this, try doing anything for an hour and, unless it is sleeping, it will drain a bit of your energy.

CloudFlare helped me set up an account with UserVoice. Is a cure for comment spam at hand? Probably not. But for my purposes, UserVoice is perfect: I need your feedback. In exchange, you get to see what everyone is talking about and, more importantly, you get to vote on ideas that matter to you!

When you click on the UserVoice icon, you will see this:

Whether you have something to say about a blog post or one of my products, please feel free to type in your feedback or question and send it off. I’ll respond as soon as I can. Thanks!

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