Time Out of Mind

February 1, 2237
Aura shed her number. She had finally reached the Mount! The thin air made her head spin. This was it? Where were her friends and family?

January 31, 2237
Hark 44 opened his eyes slowly, fearful that his malfunctioning contacts would admit too much sunlight. As consciousness flooded his brain, he shook off the heavy mantle of artificially induced sleep. He rolled off the bed, seconds before he would remember that he and two other social misfits had camped on a ledge. He fell to his death at 9.8 meters per second squared. Good – he remembered his lessons.

January 30, 2237
Hark 45 politely declined the joint. Gawk 13 would pester him all night but, if Hark 45 wanted to get to the True Nirvana, it wouldn’t do to go tumbling off the edge of the cliff tomorrow. Gawk 13 was on the verge of reaching the Twelve Steps – he should know better than to lead others astray.

January 29, 2237
Jaw 89 tried to poke her head through her mother’s navel. Oops, wrong way.

January 28, 2237
Gawk 14 said a prayer over the stillborn child. He recorded the name on a disposable chip: Jaw 90, baby girl. He took the joint from the mother. The drained woman did not even put up a fuss. Too bad Aura 2 did not have this attitude before she went into labor. She’d be dead by the end of the month.

Alone: In the Wild Dave Morrow via Compfight

Copyright © 2013 by Mitchell Allen

Originally appeared on CreativeCopyChallenge #304.

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