Spam Battleground Episode 3

Brian Thomas is possibly world’s greatest spammer. I sincerely mean that as a compliment. I’m not trying to be snide, like calling him “The Gentleman Bandit.” No, you have to see his comment to understand what I mean.
Spammer At Work

Here’s why I think he is awesome. First, he is unapologetic. He truly feels that the only way to get his message out is to spam. Second, he gives praise – yes, I like that that when it is reasonably warranted. Finally, he actually has an interesting product. I checked him out, Googled him and found him on EzineArticles as well.

Reading this, I wonder how many people will scoff. That’s okay. This is an open forum where all ideas are considered. Notice, I wrote that all ideas are considered. I won’t publish mean-spirited attacks, so save your fingers. Instead, reserve that ire to give us a good explanation for why you scoff at this. On the surface, I can tick off a few items:

  • Spam is NOT the only way to get noticed
  • It’s still spam. Brian refers to “comment further down” which is BS
  • EzineArticles is probably not anyone’s idea of social proof, post-Panda

Yet, in spite of these personal feelings, I still applaud Brian for his stand. The part that makes me wonder if spam might be combated by assimilation. Hell, even the less gifted spammers are trying to blend in. That’s why they invest so much in tools designed to fool moderators.

Brian fooled me. That’s sad, huh? This post is the equivalent of the vanquished warrior giving his adversary props, just before said adversary hacks off vanquished warrior’s head.

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