Moon in the House of Scorpions

Nobody ever studied the aftermath. The talking heads focused on the burning rubble; the former rubberneckers continued to murmur about the screams. And, lord, the media – social, mass, alternative – all had a field day with the end: a hole the size of two football fields.

“Stupid provincials! Why do they not pay attention to the clues? Is the side-show so entertaining that the fools lose sight of the main event?” Elder Grokamok sniffed his disdain.

Younger Grokamok giggled. “I told you not to target the bovine population. It is rare for a cow – even a cybernetically enhanced one – to have an attention span beyond the temporal.”

Baby Grokamok outright laughed at his older clones. “Bovine, humanoid, lizard! Bah! This planet is a mere dot in the shadow of the Lactic Circle. None of the sentients have the necessary quarkpower to understand that their satellite is about to collide with them. Good riddance, I say!”
As we speak  — Halema`uma`u - K?lauea - Planet Earth Greg Bishop via Compfight

Copyright © 2013 by Mitchell Allen

Originally appeared on CreativeCopyChallenge #302.

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