Laughter is a wonderful elixir. I welcome a deep rumbling belly laugh whenever it comes. Chuckles, snickers, cackles, titters and guffaws round out my alternative medicine chest. Best of all, laughter is free and is easy to share. Enjoy these Links Of Laughter.

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Finding the Humor

Invasion of the Ants

“It should come as no surprise that my kitchen has been invaded by pesky, microscopic sugar ants. I don’t know if that is their official name, but it’s what I call them.

With all the various food items the kids seem to keep tucking away in corners of the house, they were bound to find out I was running the Ritz Carlton for ants. Who can resist a free buffet of sweets?

It’s hard to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich one-handed while forming a make-shift castle wall with the other arm to protect it. After three days of wishing them away didn’t work, I ran across the street to Walmart to invest in some Raid disks.

Strangely I felt the need to show each child a disk and explain to them it was poison despite the fact I had it crammed under the little space below the dishwasher. The kids are always trying to find my new snack hiding places, so what would stop them from looking there? [Read more ...]

The Liminal State

Friday Favorites, This Week’s Best Blog Links

“Happy Friday Ya’ll. Today’s favorites are an eclectic bunch…a mash up of intellect and well…a couple of things that fall a little lower on Dr. Maslow’s chart.

On the most basic level, Maslow’s point was that we humans make our way through these various levels as we grow in maturity and intellect. I believe three things about this ideology: 1.) Some folks never make it past stages 4 and 5 – these are the douche canoes of the world. 2.) A few folks reach the summit – it’s good to get to know these folks. 3.) The majority of us spend our lives sliding up and down the damn chart like the yo yo’s that we are…our growth completely dependent upon our various personal circumstances like mental stability, menstrual cycles, age, recreational use of psychotropic pharmaceuticals etc. So this week –whether you’re a geek or an asshat I’ve included a little something for everyone – enjoy. [Read more ...]

Riding the Short Bus

That was Awkward, now quit doing that

“So you all know that I teach Special Education, and this year I am blessed to have my students for a full 5 hours a day, non stop, the same kids, hour after hour…..ok you get my point here right, just saying it can get a bit tedious dealing with the same pool of individuals and the drama that accompanies it you know?

So needless to say my kids have quite a few social issues, in essence they are socially retarded in a lot of ways, and well tend to be the butt of ridicule and jokes. So me being the bright spot in their self esteem challenged day am always looking for ways to boost their fragile egos. And what better way to do that than to laugh at others who are even more socially inept than they are? [Read more ...]

Guilty Squid

Sometimes, you take the day off and then you end up giving your boss a light saber.

“So you know how sometimes you ask your boss to find scorpions for you over his weekend away and send you pictures of them and then he does which is awesome and then you take a day off during the week and tell him it’s “for appointments” and then when you come back he’s all “Getting your hair done is not an appointment” even though it totally is and also I had a therapist appointment, Chester so that’s not even helpful, and you’ve taken that day and two other days off to go hang out with penguins and then you have a headache kind of from having an anxiety attack the night before but then you get him a super cool and awesome birthday gift from Think Geek and so he forgives you and also goes all around the office playing with his new light saber and thinking up ways to use it in official presentations as a pointer and has the best time ever?

Yeah, that totally happened. [Read more ...]

Mommy Wants Vodka

Gusty Bags Of Wind

“Under the best of circumstances, I sleep like a hot bag of dicks. No, I don’t actually know what that’s supposed to mean because I’m tired.

It’s not like I lay awake worrying about things like normal people. No, I lay awake night after night with that Do-Do-Do-Do A Dollop of Daisy commercial going through my head. Or the Dora the motherfucking EXPLORER theme song. It’s an endless loop of irritation that seems to inflict the maximum amount of annoyance for the minimum amount of effort.

Last night, however, in a blissful turn of events, I was tired. Like bone-tired.

Happily, I curled up like a tic in my blankets and prepared for the blissful embrace of sleep to overtake me. [Read more ...]

Can’t Get Enough?

Do the blogroll thing on these ladies’ blogs, then. Funny writers tend to link to other funny writers.

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