Linkable Ladies

Here is a little sump’n sump’n for all you ladies out there: a list of cool places on the web. Each site is owned and operated by – you guessed it – one or more women. There is a loose theme defining my collection; each of the website owners is a dear friend and each site or blog exemplifies networking in some way, whether business-oriented or interpersonal. Be Inspired!

So you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?
Get a close-up look at a fashion blog that has drawn the attention of some big players in the industry.

Jen is a fascinating person. Her writing evokes scenes of a simpler, gentler era. When she describes a tablecloth, you are teleported into your own past. I always feel good after reading a DG post.

Get Paid to Write
A Writer’s World: This Could be You! Learn from one of the most prolific free-lancers on the web.

Sharon is awesome! She has written extensively about the craft and the business of writing. Her articles are always informative, clearly laid out and her headlines are masterpieces of eyeball-grabbing word play!

Firewalker Publications
“Books that Fuel Your Imagination”

Diane and I met on Ryze. I followed her around the web, stopping briefly at, before subscribing to her newsletter. She is a gifted poet, song-writer and story-teller! She is a pretty good literary critic, too. I love how she helps aspiring authors and poets, offering them speaking engagements on her monthly radio show.

Visions Virtual Assistance
Free your mind and free your time with a virtual assistant!

Crystal has introduced me to a whole new world of outsourcing. She always has interesting stories to tell about virtual assistants. Her blog has a ton of useful tips about networking, marketing and more!

Winning Ladies
This collaborative blog is just like a Reader’s Digest of interesting posts from around the web.

Heidi is so laid-back, yet so tuned in to what’s going on with people. She has a Send Out Cards business and, whenever I get one of her cards (sometimes out of the blue), I just feel so special! She is a great network marketing leader – keeping in touch with me on behalf of my SOC rep, Kathryn. Heidi is truly a winning lady!

Website Babble
“We’re Talkin’ Websites”

Lisa has a warm community within her Website Babble forum. She freely shares her success tips.

I found out about Lisa when I needed advice on a service I was planning to launch. Her video literally saved me from making a huge mistake.

Ms. Ileane Speaks
Insights on social media, life, love, music, money and anything else that comes to mind.

Through the power of networking, I met Ileane while visiting Lisa’s forum. Her blog, Ms. Ileane Speaks, is an eclectic collection of topics. This resonates with my own way of doing things. I’ve learned some neat things from Ileane and will continue to read her blog.