Letting Things Go

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The past two nights, I have awakened before dawn, driven from sleep by powerful dreams. The first night was awash with a harrowing hallucination of omniscient epiphany. Alas, the wispy wonders of conscious creation scattered from memory, shredded like mental cumulus as they retreated to my subconscious. Last night, however, a different cloud emerged.

Obscure Clarity

In stark contrast to that ephemeral first dream, last night’s episode was a concrete chimera. Formless yet solid, this dream anchored its presence firmly into my waking mind. Even as I write these prefatory statements, there rests a static front at the junction of my creative and analytical thoughts: ideas raining steady to the thunderous claps of jumping conclusions.

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I fear that mere words would fail to paint the pictures of these two dreams. Lyrics without the lyre, uttered without rhythm, perceived without power. Yet, words are all I have, and sentences are all I shape. Perhaps an impression will linger …

The Secret of the Seventh Son

The Secret evokes a land of abundance, wrought by active belief. Seventh Son builds a fantasy world abstracted from historical figures and folklore. These influential books tantalize in the truest sense: holding out delectable treats just beyond my grasp. Conscious creation is at the core of both and subconscious recollection has obviously colored my dreamscape.

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Imagine a montage depicting frantic construction of a globe. Slow down the frames until you can discern each stage of the task. Now, watch as a scrolling marquee appears beneath your field of view, captioning the steps, from beginning to end. You are experiencing what I call omniscient epiphany. Whether it holds in the waking world is irrelevant – the dream is real and the power of knowledge inebriates you until, ironically, you no longer understand what is happening. Upon awakening, you have a virtual hangover; the fantastic revelation is all but blacked out. What remains is the essence – an ester – from the tree of knowledge in a receding pool of wisdom.

The Question Behind the Question of Getting Things Done

QBQ evokes a philosophy of personal accountability, attained by active introspection. GTD presents a system of personal productivity abstracted from countless refinements to techniques for planning and organizing. These concepts are empowering: pointing out not only the tools, but also the responsible party, required for producing whatever I need.


There is no way to imagine a shadow after its maker has passed your line of vision. Yet, an after-image of a Titan is not soon forgotten. Much like adrenaline-powered visions after a near-collision with a tractor-trailer on an icy freeway, these concrete dreams leave a prescient stamp on my waking mind.

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Concentrated Apple Juice

Sometimes, it is better to abandon one dream in order to focus on another. Indeed, it may be the case that one dream provides the goal of the other. If I can have both while pursing one, then I need never thirst.

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