How to REALLY Stop Procrastinating

Hello, World. Meet my littlest monster. It’s called Retrievem and it’s rather crude. I spent way more than nine months developing this baby. I think things would have been better had I been forced to deliver after 40 weeks of gestation. What would the world be like if mommies everywhere constantly shouted, “Not yet! The ears are too big! Let me just get those toes pointing in the right direction. Oh my god, is that a hairy mole?”

Text Processor

I finally told myself that enough is enough. 80% of what this software does will never even be seen by most users. The ears are unsightly but, you know what? It’s time for the little monster to come out of its shell. I can train it along the way. I will benefit from user feedback, too. After all, it takes a village to raise a monster.

I’ll do up all the proper what-the-heck-is-this pages, starting with What is Retrievem? Really briefly, I can tell you that it is a time-saving beast. It can do things like extract all the email addresses from almost any text file on your hard drive. I’m training it to do other tricks, too. When it learns something new, I’ll write about it here.

Twitter followers will get the scoop on these new articles, even before my email subscribers. (Talk about flipping the script on conventional wisdom!) Keep in touch, and you will see what all the fuss is about.

By the way, if you want to help the other villagers deal with this monster, please bring torches and pitchforks to the general store.

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