Broken Bench

Fester Codswollop had to choose between being the funny dad or the creative dad. However, when Fester stepped into the plasma, he tripped over a rollerskate. The result was a mad scientist who cackled a lot. He wasn’t cackling today, however, because his good friend, Fester Festerloop had given him a task that should have been as simple as chewing the fat of the lamb. But it wasn’t. It was more like lying in the arms of sheep.

Times Square?
Photo by JoeInQueens

“Fester,” began Fester. “I would like you to time the squares in Times Square.”

“But, Fester,” spluttered Fester. “What ever do you mean? Am I to measure or multiply? Am I to regard cement blocks or block heads?”

Fester Festerloop laughed loudly. “Neither, my friend, I would like you to time the squares in Times Square.”

Fester Codswollop, obviously, was not going to get a clue from his good friend, Fester Festerloop. So, meekly, he informed his friend that he would do his best. As he hung up the phone, it occurred to Fester that he may have misunderstood his good friend, Fester Festerloop. He whipped out his portable Lexibus. This handy device served triple duty as a dictionary, thesaurus and puzzle solver. He set the mode to puzzle solver and typed in the cryptic clue: TIME THE SQUARES IN TIMES SQUARE? After a very long time, the screen glowed with the answer.

“Of course,” bleated Fester. He picked up the phone.

“Hallo?” Fester Festerloop fancied himself a Brit.

42, you sly dolphin.”

“Writing prompt”: A character is given an assignment which turns out to be more complicated than expected.

Marian Allen’s #SampleSunday – Sneak Preview post.

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