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DonorIncessant knocking brought a disheveled Gunther limping to the front door. He flicked the porch …2020/10/27Stories2020-10-27 22:23:28
Hell’s KitchenThe warden’s stooges frog-marched the former prisoner to an uncertain freedom. Johnny Hotpocket stood outside …2020/10/26Stories2020-10-26 20:53:01
The ClosetBig thanks to Enzo B on Unsplash for consciously creating this creepy picture! It is …2020/10/24Poetry2020-10-24 14:14:33
Game of SoulsLurchin’ Louie lit the lamp Pushing back the moldy damp. Spandex cap upon his head …2020/10/23Poetry2020-10-23 03:11:58
Baba Yaga Fairy TaleOnce upon a time, there lived in the woods of Abstemia, a wicked witch by …2020/10/22Stories2020-10-22 03:01:13
Brain Man“I’m sorry, Ms. Cochrane. The brain damage is irreversible. Your son has suffered permanent memory …2020/10/21Stories2020-10-21 22:23:26
The ContractHarvey’s deal with the devil turned on a single, misapplied term in the new Faustian …2020/10/20Stories2020-10-20 20:49:47
My Friends Are BananasHolly Jahangiri and Charles Roast had a bit of fun, collaborating on a writing project. …2020/05/04Random Thoughts2020-05-04 13:54:07
The Last SupperIf it hadn’t been for the extended quarantine, I’d have never finally found Charlie in …2020/03/31Stories2020-03-31 10:30:17
Dry SpellMerlin wanted no part of Vivienne’s artifice. Alas, in this domain of predestination, he was …2020/03/23Stories2020-03-23 14:06:50
The World-wide EruvBy the year 2345 A.D., the global infrastructure formerly known as the Internet has shed …2019/10/22Stories2019-10-22 15:11:57
Rusty BadgeEntitlement has been a formidable participant in the vicissitudes of The American Dream. A facilitator …2019/10/01Random Thoughts2019-10-01 11:18:16
The AcheFrom the fender ’round my heart Leaks a fluid from a part That needs love …2019/09/20Poetry2019-09-20 07:34:42
The Oxymoronic Hydroponic TubersCopyright © by Mitchell Allen Angela was about to get her ashes hauled by Liam …2019/09/18Stories2019-09-18 07:18:51
Extra-Savory PerceptionsCan you smell that? Ancient humans, the ones that literally swam from the primordial ooze, …2019/08/22Stories2019-08-22 07:06:27
Giving Up the GhostDeranged, he came Ethereal in his luminescence Allegedly touched by Abaddon Deposed from his seat …2019/08/06Poetry2019-08-06 14:33:07
My Neighbor’s YardTo the casual observer, Jacob Jr. was just a kid galumphing through puddles in his …2019/05/26Stories2019-05-26 08:55:19
AFTER THE LONG, HARD WINTER (PART EIGHT)This tale began seven imaginative writers ago. I added my bit to extend it. Part …2018/10/25Stories2018-10-25 00:28:14
Pandora’s PillboxGerrie Shamba, Keeper of The Pandora Pillbox, shimmered into Siberia on June 29th, 1908. She …2018/08/23Stories2018-08-23 16:33:08
In the Immortal Words of Muriel HumphreyAncestral burial rites foreshadowed the vanguard of human recycling. From the elaborate funerary practices of …2018/08/14Stories2018-08-14 15:36:37
Bandicoot TerrorSpoiled by the erstwhile sublime environment of the New Guinean rain forest from whence they …2018/06/17Stories2018-06-17 04:47:56
A Morning with Abner #HuntForAFreshPerspectiveAbner woke to the harsh reality of his smelly pillow. It and the newspapers were …2018/05/10Stories2018-05-10 19:28:56
Xenia Gets GotTonight, Xenia intended to enchant her ugly-ass boyfriend, Harold. She only put up with his …2017/10/16Stories2017-10-16 19:14:20
Awesome Business OpportunitySo, I decided to go to Yet Another Ground Floor Once-in-a-Lifetime Make Money Fast Pyramid …2017/03/21Stories2017-03-21 00:04:05
The Cracked MirrorDetective Ragbone shook a small amount of graphite onto the frame, while marveling at the …2017/02/23Stories2017-02-23 18:39:31
MonkeyshinesThe gods were angry. They had been told that they were as no more than …2017/02/14Stories2017-02-14 15:47:31
Une Perdrix?The bough broke. Down came the partridge: scarf, cap and all. Jamie swore. “Dammit, Kirsten, …2016/12/22Stories2016-12-22 10:27:25
Social TouchstonePetri was giving a lecture at a university somewhere in the future: “Good morning, class. …2016/11/16Stories2016-11-16 14:52:33
The Zombie-maker“Come on, angel, don’t make me bust your gourd open. I just want your purse!” …2016/11/02Stories2016-11-02 11:02:13
Trick or TreatThe calculator was upside down. No other error in history–recorded or lost to antiquity–could match …2016/10/26Stories2016-10-26 12:49:18
A Plague Upon Both SpousesPetri made a major discovery when he sneezed into his dish of jellied onion. He …2016/10/12Stories2016-10-12 01:17:34
My Etch a Sketch KvetchTerraformer 2000 came with a microphone, but no manual. It was the latest software from …2016/09/13Stories2016-09-13 14:44:17
Farting Around with Zombies“Daddy?” Mike licked his fingers before grabbing his big boy spoon. “What’s a vegetarian?” Abner …2016/08/17Stories2016-08-17 03:35:13
Dinner Party Line of SightHats, Scarves and Handshakes Mitchell Allen: When I saw “Whip it”, I thought about the …2016/08/07Stories2016-08-07 19:02:21
Grave ErrorShe couldn’t place the accent; it was thick, yet, undefined. Tasting the noxious brew again, …2016/08/07Stories2016-08-07 17:29:58
Running Out of SugarLooms the midday, hot and bleak Infiltrating head and feet. Febrile notions, lying weak Evil …2016/08/07Poetry2016-08-07 16:49:10
Three Drunks and a FuneralA farce in one act A judge, a baker and an anthropologist are sitting in …2016/07/11Stories2016-07-11 00:37:11
Bee Cause Célèbre“Catastrophic Colony Collapse Threatens America’s Economy” was the screaming headline that greeted the early morning …2016/05/17Stories2016-05-17 13:10:32
Bad Poetry“The assignment, class, is to deconstruct this computer-generated poem.” Moans greeted this announcement, of course, …2016/05/17Poetry, Stories2016-05-17 11:47:00
Swampland“Class, today is set aside for our recent graduates. Before embarking on his or her …2016/04/12Stories2016-04-12 23:38:07
Proxy Apocalypse – Molten Hail Reborn“Let’s invent a new game.” Phineas stretched his mouth into an it’s-a-beautiful-morning wake-up yawn. “Sure.” …2016/03/31Stories2016-03-31 17:30:13
Ancient SundayThe exploit was crude, but effective. Molten Hail—aptly named—melted through firewalls before freezing servers. The …2016/03/31Stories2016-03-31 16:57:24
AlienationMartians had no concept of prejudice. Their brains were wired like lobotomized slugs: each experience …2016/02/23Stories2016-02-23 04:36:37
Galactic Chess Champion SlainThe checkmate was flawless. The bloody aftermath was more of a mess. Raven Spassky’s body …2016/01/31Stories2016-01-31 11:48:13
The Wizard’s DaughterTomorrow’s execution would be delayed no longer. All appeals had been exhausted; the wizard’s daughter …2016/01/19Stories2016-01-19 16:46:40
Living Without EvernoteOne Bell of an Affair From 2009 to the end of 2015, my interest in …2016/01/07Programs2016-01-07 14:19:35
What’s New: 2016Happy New Year! First off, a big thank-you to my friend, Mitch Mitchell, for alerting …2016/01/01Conscious Creation2016-01-01 00:01:09
Princes and PaupersLast week, we tackled clothes from Rags to Riches. This week, let’s look at the …2015/09/27Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-09-27 08:01:31
Rags to RichesIf you are what you wear, then the Emperor of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale …2015/09/20Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-09-20 08:00:44
Cutting Edge Scrabble: From ADZ to ZAXAlthough you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight, check out this array of sharp …2015/09/13Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-09-13 08:01:55
When Harry Met SallyDid an opponent ever shout, “Hey, you can’t play proper nouns in Scrabble” after you …2015/09/06Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-09-06 08:01:39
Better Scrabble Through ChemistryShuffling tiles around on your rack is a bit like mixing beakers of stuff in …2015/08/30Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-08-30 08:03:01
Energize Your End GameWhen the board is tight, forget about that brilliant seven-letter word that is taunting you …2015/08/23Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-08-23 08:00:53
Oh No! Ma, I’m PoeticOnomatopoeia is the formation of words whose sound is imitative of the sound of the …2015/08/16Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-08-16 08:01:16
Body Parts on the RackAre your tiles seemingly locked up with no chance for release? Don’t despair! Look for …2015/08/09Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-08-09 08:00:00
Nth DegreeToday, we’ll deal with all of those juicy consonants. Actually, they’re not so juicy when …2015/08/02Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-08-02 08:00:48
Breaking Your VowelsAiieee! You just filled your rack with every vowel in the bag. Or so it …2015/07/26Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-07-26 08:30:48
Find the Best Play: EELRSTVWelcome to another edition of Scrabble Sunday! This is a straight-up quiz: What is the …2015/07/19Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-07-19 08:00:23
Bingo Long Words Travel Far (Sometimes!)The premise of games like Scrabble and Words With Friends is mastering anagrams. The ultimate …2015/07/12Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-07-12 08:00:47
Find the Best Play: MOKV_ ZEWelcome to Scrabble Sunday! This is a straight-up quiz: What is the best play you …2015/07/05Games, Scrabble Sunday2015-07-05 16:02:56
Bye-bye PeoplePerHour.comWant to see what seller frustration looks like? Just check out the reaction to a …2015/01/28Random Thoughts2015-01-28 16:50:10
Super Shortcuts Using Everything and Quick CliqSince I have been using Everything.exe as a portal into my daily files, I was …2015/01/28Programs2015-01-28 01:40:24
Head in the CloudsOne phrase in nearly every cloud storage provider’s copy goes something like this: treat the …2014/12/03Programs2014-12-03 17:30:21
The ParserMonster ProjectI have installed the ParserMonster Project wiki on this site to document the features of …2014/07/19Projects2014-07-19 15:59:41
5 Reasons to Do Whatever You Want With Your BlogFive simple truths may help you avoid analysis paralysis when it comes to radical changes …2014/07/14Random Thoughts2014-07-14 03:42:21