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All the Voices in My Head

  • Bye-bye


    Want to see what seller frustration looks like? Just check out the reaction to a recent change instituted by When Sellers have received low ratings for their recently delivered work, they will be getting …Continue »
  • Super Shortcuts Using Everything and Quick Cliq

    Super Shortcuts Using Everything and Quick Cliq

    Since I have been using Everything.exe as a portal into my daily files, I was slow to realize that I was missing an opportunity. Quick Cliq saves a few steps over continually hunting for a …Continue »
  • Retrieving the Blog Content for Your eBook

    Retrieving the Blog Content for Your eBook

    After extracting your blog posts and pages from the WordPress database, you have a file that uses XML formatting to describe every element exported. Needless to say, you need to convert this file to a …Continue »
  • How to Extract All Content From Your Blog

    How to Extract All Content From Your Blog

    Unless you have a massive blog or multiple contributors, the easiest path from blog to eBook starts with exporting all of your content and using a separate tool for retrieving your desired post. This short …Continue »
  • Head in the Clouds

    Head in the Clouds

    One phrase in nearly every cloud storage provider’s copy goes something like this: treat the sync folder like any other folder on your hard drive. I’ve taken them at their word…and the result is a …Continue »
  • Extracting Your Blog

    Extracting Your Blog

    Blogs and eBooks are two completely different beasts that just happen to live in the same digital jungle. One of the things exposed by converting between the two formats is that blog content, in its …Continue »
  • Preparing Your Blog to eBook Categories

    Preparing Your Blog to eBook Categories

    Two concepts drive the strategy outlined in this article. First, no one method of categorization is superior to another. Second, let the tools do as much of the work as possible. Each of the following …Continue »
  • WordPress Export Tool

    Using the WordPress Exporter

    The built-in WordPress Exporter utility is a great tool for retrieving some or all of my blog content. Finally, I can describe a process that is potentially useful to others. First of all, without getting …Continue »
  • WP DB Backup plugin

    Accessing the WordPress Database Posts Table

    When I first wrote about converting some of my blog posts to an e-book, I hadn’t planned on repeating the process. Since I’m including a tutorial this time around, I will find out if my …Continue »
  • How to Backup WordPress Posts

    How to Backup All Your WordPress Posts

    As part of the Blog-to-eBook Project, I will present a step-by-step procedure for acquiring your blog posts and pages. You will also gain the benefit of having a backup plan for your WordPress blog. Plugins …Continue »
  • RegexBuddy

    Extracting Posts from WordPress Backup Files

    The parsing and extracting portion of my Blog to eBook project was a fun, one-time exercise in reading the WordPress database backup file. Even though the database can be read using a powerful tool like …Continue »
  • Sanitized Post

    Working with Extracted WordPress Blog Posts

    The last thing I had to do was to clean up the actual posts, by removing HTML tags, web addresses and embedded scripts. I used Retrievem, software that I developed for just such tasks. The …Continue »
  • Blog to eBook

    One Way to Convert Your WordPress Blog to an e-Book

    My blog to ebook project is going to be an exercise in parsing and extracting. I briefly considered using Anthologize, a WordPress plugin that many people seem to love. Personally, I want total control over …Continue »
  • DocuWiki

    The ParserMonster Project

    I have installed the ParserMonster Project wiki on this site to document the features of the new ParserMonster Framework. There is not much on it, at the moment, so you should bookmark it or subscribe …Continue »
  • 5 Reasons to Do Whatever You Want With Your Blog

    5 Reasons to Do Whatever You Want With Your Blog

    Five simple truths may help you avoid analysis paralysis when it comes to radical changes on your blog: Sean via Compfight 1. Be Yourself–Nobody Does it Better You can’t please everybody. Generally, you can please …Continue »