Anklebuster is an alias that I’ve created for use on forums and membership sites all over the web. The butterfly, a blue morpho, is associated with this alias because I’m weird like that.

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The Story of Anklebuster

My wife and I had just purchased our first home.
During those first hectic days, we obviously disturbed the indigenous fauna.
One night, as I stood in a darkened master bedroom – I felt something dash across my beslippered feet.

“Eek-a-mouse” does not begin to describe the invective that accompanied my 18-inch vertical leap.
Nor does it convey the anguished cry I uttered upon landing badly on the side of my foot.
I had severely sprained my ankle.

Thus laid up for a few days, I attempted to alleviate the boredom by exploring a local BBS.
Back in 1995, I used a 24 bps modem to dial into the ONIX Bulletin Board System.
There was a way to connect to a chess server, so I tried it.

The server required a user name. I wanted to be clever, but could barely think through the pain.
Obviously, I made some kind of connection and Anklebuster was born.

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People Shop

I recently started using EasyAzon and WebSimon. I learned about them from Lisa Irby’s post: Amazon Publisher Studio. For the technical nitty gritty, read her excellent tutorial.
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My original takeaway from her post was, “Finally, I can easily make cool tables!” However, I soon realized that I could also update my launch page, which I had created way back in 2007 for my family.

Here’s something you may want to consider. You may not be able to get Aunt Tilly to read your epic post, but you should have no trouble asking her to shop on Amazon via your affiliate link. I’ll never forget the day I opened my email and learned that I had received a commission of about 11.00 from some books my cousin had purchased. My private launch page idea worked! Whee!

Like Lisa wrote, you won’t get rich from this, but it’s nice to get something, even if you’re not promoting a product to your readers. My updated strategy is to take what I learned from Chris Guthrie‚Äôs sales page. My links now send Aunt Tilly to the shopping cart, because Amazon currently extends the commission period by 89 days!

So, people shop. Help yourself by creating a page for your family. Here’s mine.

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