Conscious Creations: Refined Bits


A few years ago, I had a regular blog. I published a lot of articles on many different, disparate topics. As time passed, I found my content was leaning heavily towards Games, Programs and Stories.

I decided to follow my personal GPS, first by publishing a tinyletter-style email newsletter titled Conscious Creation: The Messy Bits*. Later, I simply changed the blog to a read-only site, where I could post these missives. That's what you see here; the tip of a very weird iceberg.

My friend, Holly Jahangiri, admonished me to review my site's user experience. In an effort to make life easier for her and you, dear reader, I have set up a way for you to be notified when I publish something. Please see my RSS Feeds page and be sure to subscribe to the channels that interest you.

* The newsletter has been discontinued, but you can read all of the articles in the archives of Conscious Creation: The Messy Bits.

Random Selection of Stories

Each time you visit this page, you'll see eight tantalizing opening paragraphs. I hope you enjoy whichever ones you click!


This tale began seven imaginative writers ago. I added my bit to extend it. Part One (Teresa): Winter had been hard. Harder than anyone in Goosedown had expected. It was six weeks into spring and Emily never felt better. She was finally able to get out into her garden. The spring flowers had fully said…

Pandora’s Pillbox

Gerrie Shamba, Keeper of The Pandora Pillbox, shimmered into Siberia on June 29th, 1908. She removed the time-traveling hat from her head, reached into it and withdrew a handful of infected ticks. She sprinkled them onto the ground before returning the hat to her head. In twelve hours, an asteroid would explode over the region…

In the Immortal Words of Muriel Humphrey

Ancestral burial rites foreshadowed the vanguard of human recycling. From the elaborate funerary practices of ancient Egyptians, to the Terracotta Army of the first Emperor of China, humans have decreed that destinies were not subject to disposability. Immortality appealed to humble and snobbish, alike. Fortunately, by 2217 A.D., transmigration had been elevated to the ranks…

Bandicoot Terror

Spoiled by the erstwhile sublime environment of the New Guinean rain forest from whence they were “harvested”, the half-dozen bandicoots huddled miserably in a filthy cage. Their captor, himself a ratty-looking specimen of a human, arranged for the illicit transport of the marsupials to the Mercer Laboratory in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. His part in this…

A Morning with Abner #HuntForAFreshPerspective

Abner woke to the harsh reality of his smelly pillow. It and the newspapers were the only things between him and the cold, hard cement. The pre-dawn chill was actually warmer. Abner unfolded himself from the fetal curl, stretched lazily and pulled up on his trusty shopping cart until he could feel the blood trickling…

Xenia Gets Got

Tonight, Xenia intended to enchant her ugly-ass boyfriend, Harold. She only put up with his broomstick-thin, Jack-o-lantern gapped-tooth goofiness because his bank account balance had an alarming number of zeroes on it. Plus, in five weeks, they would be husband and wife, at which point, she would finally move into his spooky old mansion and…

Awesome Business Opportunity

So, I decided to go to Yet Another Ground Floor Once-in-a-Lifetime Make Money Fast Pyramid Scheme. As I walked into the auditorium, I took note of several things. First, the greeters outnumbered the guests two to one, and they appeared to be swarming, hovering and buzzing around the hapless visitors. Second, a befuddled young man…

The Cracked Mirror

Detective Ragbone shook a small amount of graphite onto the frame, while marveling at the unnaturally uniform craquelure of the forged Venus in the Mirror. Having momentarily forgotten the gravity of the current scene, he quipped, “Even Rubens knew better than to daub a perfect crack.” “Ragbone! Decorum, please.” Inspector Wiggins coughed into his hand.…

Toiling in Obscurity

The beauty of being invisible is that nobody sees your metamorphosis. A certain amount of freedom accompanies anonymity—dancing like nobody's watching kind of thing.

This blog / web presence called Morpho Designs goes through changes in layout, content and purpose. It evolves with my focus. To some of you, this will be jarring. To which I say, "Thanks for being a long-time reader!"

For most others, however, there is no context for the changes except, perhaps, for the detritus left-over from the most recent change. (Shame on you, Visual Composer!)

At any rate, welcome to the most recent incarnation. I have only the most rudimentary vision of the final layout, content and purpose. Since I'm invisible, I won't sweat it.

But, if you can see me, I hope you enjoy the view.